§1 The scope and subject of the Regulations

Regulations govern the use of the Platform, the rights and obligations of its Users and Administrators as well as other legal matters.
The Platform’s services are rendered in accordance with these Regulations.
While using the Platform as an unregistered Guest the provisions of the Regulations shall apply accordingly.

§2 Definitions

“Company” – RubixLab
“Platform” – the internet based site www.rubixlab.com and all its facilities which are owned by the Company
“Regulations” – these terms of use of the Platform

§3 Intellectual property

The Platform respects intellectual property rights, in particular copyrights, patents, designs and trademarks and will not tolerate their violation in any manner.
No unlawful data can be shared or uploaded on the Platform. By sharing the Company understands in particular posting links and hyperlinks. In particular, unlawful inlining and framing practices are strictly prohibited.
Any reported unlawful activity considered as a breach of the applicable intellectual property laws will be reacted to in accordance with the Regulations.
The Company and the Platform are under the intellectual property rights protection in particular through company name registration and Community Trademark registration.
The Company will not accept any unlawful behavior regarding the intellectual property rights of the Company or any third parties.