Tricks & Hacks for job searching

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Tricks & Hacks for job searching from our HR professionals and simply awesome friends at FIRMINSIDE!

When you are applying for your new career, you would like to make sure that your CV looks professional, and of course with relevant content. So here are 4 question you should ask yourself when writing CV:

1) Is the skill or experience related to the job description?

    Customize your CV to every job you are applying for.

2) Do I repeat the skills?

    You did UX design for Sygic and Eset as well? You should mention the skill in the most recent position

3) Do I overrate myself?

    You speak 5 languages, increase sales each month and acquire 3 clients each month, in every job. WOW, thumbs up but slow down a little bit.

4) Was it a big deal?

    You ran a team of 50 people, prepared the budget for the whole company and scheduled the Facebook status for your fan page. Mark won’t be mad if you skip this last one.