Cutting the red tape for RubixLab Co-Working Garage!

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11231204_10153686189546454_3925706816234170487_nWhen deciding to become an entrepreneur, and taking that scary jump off the cliff edge, there are many things that can go wrong. The decision is huge and the repercussions are great, success and failure in a very real way will dominate one’s life. Tears, sweat and coffee become more substantial than the blood in your veins, and yet the feeling of success and independence is never greater. Colleagues become family and your place of work your home.

So what are some of the hardest hurdles to overcome while plummeting towards the ground and hoping the parachute will open? You have the idea of the century, the next big thing, and now transitioning it from hobby to business has to be done. What are the first steps?

Team and motivation will play a huge role, and they interlink with each other from day one; the people you chose to work with will become a marriage proposal, a virtual roller coaster of emotion, frustration and joy. Not just the people you work with need to motivate you, but everyone surrounding you. Motivation will become more important than food and water, a driving force, carrying you through the challenges scattered along the road ahead.

2_2And it is with this in mind that RubixLab is opening our Co-Working Garage. As most of you will know by now, RubixLab is an Incubator, taking on early stage start-ups and accelerating them forward. However, to continue building both the startup scene in Slovakia and our projects, a Co-Working space is a great asset! A place for all entrepreneurs to come together and spur each other to even higher peaks. For RubixLab it provides insight into more projects for potential incubation, and increased motivation for those participating in our incubation program. For Entrepreneurs looking for office space it provides an innovative and creative environment, with close access both to the incubator and the network surrounding it. RubixLab is a driving force for the Slovak Ecosystem, working towards bringing in international mindsets and teams, coupling them with slovak entrepreneurs to combine the best of both worlds. After all, RubixLab is a startup for startups, and we firmly believe that the more entrepreneurs we can put under one roof, the more everyone has to gain!

So it is with great expectations that we open the RubixLab Co-Working Garage, and we hope to see you all there soon!




Will keep you all posted!

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