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The Man!Working with innovation is always exciting, and currently with our focus on developing the Slovak eco-system, it’s fascinating to see the rapid development, even in the short year we have been active on the market. Startups are coming up left, right and centre, the active VC’s here are making investments wherever they can find opportunity and the government is throwing money and legislation at the eco-system. However, although all is green and sunny internally, it is important to remember that true innovative success is determined on an international basis. Part of our mission here at RubixLab is to promote internationalism within the Slovak eco-system, and to encourage foreigners to come here to start and run their business. But RubixLab can not accomplish this on their own, we actively seek partners abroad to strengthen our network, for ourselves, our startups, and for the betterment of the slovak eco-system.


With this in mind, I am proud to announce our latest partner, EIT Digital!

The partnership focuses on supporting growth within Slovakia and the larger European digital innovation eco-system. Together we will be hosting events and providing mentorships for startups, giving entrepreneurs access to a broader market and scope. EIT is crafting a network of leading accelerators within Europe, and along with RubixLab, other strong players joining the partnership are INiTS Vienna from Austria, Startup Wise Guys Tallinn from Estonia, and other great accelerators around Europe!

To give a little background info about EIT:

EIT-Digital_RGBEIT Digital is a leading European open innovation organisation with a mission to foster digital technology innovation and entrepreneurial talent for economic growth and quality of life in Europe. Bringing together entrepreneurs from a partnership of over 130 top European corporations, SMEs, start-ups, universities and research institutes, EIT Digital is a Knowledge and Innovation Community of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology. The cooperation is implemented through the ARISE Europe program.


Partnerships are the cornerstone in building successful innovation, they open door and guide us in the right direction. Exposure to failures is invaluable, and allows us to harness the success needed to propel our own ideas forward. Basking in the presence of successful entrepreneurs is inspiring beyond question, and filling a room with such minds makes anything possible. This is what we stand for, and this is what we, together with our partners and startups will accomplish. Together we shape the future, and together we complete the puzzle that unlocks the impossible.



As always, stay tuned for more updates!

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